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I'm Meredith

My name is Meredith Ferguson, and I own two small businesses, Chessie Marketing Group and Pilates sur la mer. I live in beautiful Annapolis, Maryland, with my two fur children. I enjoy spending my free time exploring the great outdoors with fur babes and family.

I graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Culinary Nutrition.


Most of my marketing experience is in health wellness due to a lifelong passion for fitness. I have been working in the digital marketing space for over five years, in sales and advertising, fueled by lots of caffeine and a constant curiosity and quest for knowledge.

How I Got Started

I founded Chessie Marking Group in 2017 to help established service-based businesses leverage the internet to grow their business. 

 My "done-with-you" agile, collaborative approach is based on continuous feedback and allows clients to be integral in developing and designing their websites.

I developed an integrative approach to web design that relies on constant feedback from the client from start to finish. The process appears unconventional yet yields excellent results. 

A website exactly that meets your needs, that you can maintain without having to pay me (or someone else) every time you want to edit.

Chessie Marketing Desk


Making a change like building or rebuilding your website is a big decision. I understand that's why making sure we work well together is a must.  

First, tell me about the project by completing the contact form, and then we will get acquainted with a discovery call!

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